We Fell Into the Pit

I spent my afternoon yesterday getting all Leslie-Knope-pumped with Casey Johnson of Foxwood Co. about a park which… well, let’s just say it has good bones. Over the next few months, I’ll be assisting Casey and other volunteers with revitalizing this park by creating a children’s playscape and sculpture garden of Casey’s design to replace the rotted wood carvings, graffitied picnic tables and overgrown landscaping that currently dominate the space. We toured the site in its current state, visualizing where the sculptures created from Casey’s sketches would be placed.

I snapped a few photos with my phone and though the current park kinda fails at being a park, it does at least make for some pleasantly mellow winter V I S U A L S.

I hope to share bits and pieces of this project with you as it unfolds over the coming months. It’ll be fun to see this thing change and take shape into something truly special.




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