Sweet Cajun Chicken

Sweet Cajun Chicken

Holy frijoles this joint is DELISH! This recipe is the epitome of sweet & savory, which is why I LOVE it. Equal parts homemade cajun/creole seasoning and coconut sugar. (I mean, really, how can you go wrong with that.) I heard about the 1:1 seasoning to sugar ratio from a friend and was determined to try it. Thank goody goody gumdrops I did. My boyfriend even loved it and he hates eating chicken off the bone (weirdo). It’s the perfect blend of sweet & savory – smoky, salty, sugary & spicy… Mmmmmm. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like this chicken!


Cooking Options:

-Roast at 400 on a greased wire rack on top of a parchment/foil lined baking sheet for 35-45 mins.
-Grill over indirect med high heat on greased grates, skin side down, for first 15 mins. Turn and cook another 15-20 mins until juices run clear.

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