Summer Exposure

Summer Exposure

A year ago, we went to a friend’s lake house in Connecticut for Fourth of July weekend, and proceeded to have the most quintessentially American fun. Boats, beers, beards, and jumping off cliffs was the name of the game that weekend, and all the while I snapped pics with my new old Nikon F.

When I took what I thought was my vacation film to be developed, I was super bummed when they told me there was nothing there. At the time I was new to the whole film thing and figured I’d either loaded something improperly or somehow screwed everything up myself, and chalked the whole thing up as a loss.

 A few weeks ago, I found a mysterious roll of what I thought was unexposed film in the bottom of my bag. With a shrug, I loaded it up and proceeded to walk through Adams Morgan snapping pics for what was supposed to be a fun little photo post with a cute little map of where the photos were taken.

When I went to pick up my Adams Morgan film a few days ago, the teenage clerk at the photo place told me my roll was double exposed with a look of what could only have been a combination all encompassing ennui mixed with disdain at the fact that I could be so inept. I’ve come to know this look well. Let’s just say the combination of an old-as-dirt manual EVERYTHING camera and my general spazziness has led to maybe one actually usable roll of film shot with that damn thing, and that roll was of course me just farting around a thrift store with a friend and is so completely uninteresting that it’s almost funny.


It’s gotten to the point where I feel like the people at the shop know me and how horrible my track record is and in my head I’m screaming I TAKE GOOD PHOTOS SOMETIMES I PROMISE as they internally roll their eyes. Which makes me realize I really just need my own darkroom setup, if only to preserve my few remaining shreds of dignity.

 I digress. Tangents!

So, I was pretty miffed that YET AGAIN this kid who could probably be MY kid was internally eye rolling as he told me my film was double exposed. I almost didn’t even check the CD of the scanned prints when I got home, but I’m pretty glad I did! Lemons, meet lemonade.


dat leg doe. Summer-Exposure-6Summer-Exposure-7Summer-Exposure-8Let the record state that Russell, pictured here, says his favorite Mexican restaurant is the (now closed) Mixtec. It’s where he had his first chimichanga as a child.

*cough* treebeard *cough*Summer-Exposure-11

Truthfully, the shots by themselves probably would’ve been pretty boring. Sometimes, happily, mistakes can result in way more than a silver lining.


  • Russell

    25.07.2014 at 08:46 Reply

    Enchilada. It was my first enchilada!

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