How to Split a Chicken

Place whole chicken on a cutting board, breast side up, and remove the innards bag from the cavity.
Grab the bottom of the chicken and using kitchen shears, cut along both sides of the backbone from the tail up to the neck. (I used a knife just to show where. Scissors will work best.)
Brick-Chicken-Prep-1-4After completely removing the backbone – freeze it in a ziploc bag to make chicken stock with or discard with fat trimmings.

Brick-Chicken-Prep-5-6Now you have a spineless chicken. (ehehehe.)

Brick-Chicken-Prep-7Spineless like a jellyfish! Now, press down on the top of the chicken to flatten and break the breast bone.

Brick-Chicken-Prep-8-9Grab your kitchen shears again and cut right down the middle of the breast. You have now officially split a chicken.


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