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Spicy Honey Lime Shrimp

SKRIMP SKRIMP! Scrump scrump scrump scrump scrump scrump scrump scrump it up!
A 5-minute, 5-ingredient (sorta), easy & delicious meal for your din-din repertoire. (No, really. This jam is off the chains.)

Most people, when their bulk-bunch of cilantro is on the verge of going bad, they simply call that $1-3 bunch-of-remaining-herbs a loss and toss it. Or, dehydrate it to make dried cilantro! Most people DON’T do what I do… Which is defrost 3 days (and 24 people’s) worth of frozen meat and make 3 cilantro-based entrees in a 3-hour span. Needless to say, our refrigerator (and all the cold leftovers inside) is screaming, “WE LOVE CILANTRO!!!” I mean, it is true… It’s just… a bit excessive?

Spicy Honey Lime Shrimp Ingredients

Spicy Honey Lime Shrimp Ingredients

I always buy huge bundles of herbs from BJs and tell myself that I’ll recipe-test a whole gaggle of dishes with them. What usually happens is the herbs begin to turn and then I’m left frantically trying to prepare herbalicious dishes with subpar herbs. Whateva. That’s just my style. Procrastinator Extraordinaire. One might say I specialize in the art of procrastination. One (aka me & everyone I know) would agree. I’M NOT PROUD OF SAID TITLE, OK. DON’T JUDGE ME, PLZ.

Cut to: End of my cilantro recipe-testing rampage. Kitchen is a pigsty and I remember, “oh, shit. I’m supposed to hang out with my friend and her baby… like, now.” I’m whirling around like the Tasmanian devil, trying to clean up food photoshoot props and acquire Tupperwares of paleo goodies to bring to my friend. I stub (annihilate) my toe on the sliding door frame, which leads me to stumble on the tripod I’m carrying inside, which causes me to almost drop my camera, and hit my funny bone whilst walking backwards through the door with one arm full of pretty prop-dishes. Besides those few bumps, I’m safe. I save myself from instantaneous death and long-term (2 minute) pain. Thank you, JESUS! I give myself a little internal victory chuckle for beating the Gods of life, once again.┬áThen, I place my camera down and walk my hip bone right into the kitchen table. F.M.L. Karma for being a cocky procrastinator and getting to my friend’s house 1 HOUR after I planned to. I need a time management specialist. Sigh. Did I mention this shrimp was amazing?



  • PeDRO

    28.07.2014 at 19:52 Reply

    Ok, so, from a Bro that can’t tell the difference between a pot and a skillet, this was an incredible simple and INCREDIBLY delicious meal to make. Aaaaaand I had it for lunch!!! I had to go to the store for shrimp and a lime but the rest of the stuff I had in my spice rack that my roommates girlfriend got for us from target. So good so quick. These girls are changing my life meal by meal!

    • Nicole

      29.07.2014 at 21:39 Reply

      Yay! Most exciting comment ever!!!!!

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