Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs @

Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is (somehow) already upon us! My 2nd favorite food-centric holiday, and NOT because of the copious amounts of shitty candy which would normally excite my Spidey Senses! Thanksgiving food is my #1 fav, of course, but, Easter is an almost equal favorite for our half-Korean, half-Czech family. My mom makes my Czechoslovakian grandmother’s traditional Easter dishes and always cooks them to PERFECTION – just like my grammers! The entire day is teeming with sauerkraut and beet-horseradish and this sweet, yellow, egg-loaf that we simply call “YELLOW” (and consequently fight over when there’s none left).  Just the memories alone of Yellow put a smile on my face, so, I’m already imagining shoveling the contents of my Easter plate down my gullet. Sunday srsly canNOT come soon enough. Sweet-eggy-Yellow slices with salty ham and spicy beet-horseradish – HOT DAMN. *insert drooling. manic, eye-bulging emoji here*

The realization that it’s April would usually scare me (I still feel like it’s February!), but, Springtime, and all things This-Time-Of-Year have gained new meaning for me: the birthdate of our beloved blog-baby. We’ll have been alive for ONE YEAR soon and unfortunately the saying rings true – time does fly when you’re having fun. It feels like just yesterday we started Merit + Fork! Unfortunately-unfortunately, my now-one-year-older body does not appreciate the expedited jump into 2015. Example: It used to take 7+ miles worth of running to cause my knee-pain. Now, it only takes 3 miles. Sigh. WHY MUST I BE SO GERIATRIC? I just don’t know. Copious amounts of Great Lakes gelatin should hopefully heal my crackly-knee {cringe} enough before the Marine Corps Marathon or I’m screwed…

Now, on to SilkTieDyedEggs, Party of 17.

Yes. 17. That means I butchered seventeen beautiful silk ties all in the name of one holiday blogpost. (I’d like to give a big thanks to my lovely father and near-retired neighbor, Joe, for letting me ransack and slaughter their tie collections. They both said I picked all the good ones – oops. :) hah.) Luckily, this holiday comes around every year, so, I’m guessing I’ll be recycling this post every Easter just to be sure my efforts & their sacrifices aren’t wasted. ;)  Now… BEHOLD THE EGGY BEAUTY.



Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs @


Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs @


PAISLEY EGGS!  I could cry just looking at some of these damn eggs, but, the paisley prints, especially. The silk ink transfers so well that not a single one of the beautifully intricate details are missed. Ugh. I die. I DIE. I. Am. Dead. I mean, honestly, DO WE HAVE TO EAT THEM?! They’re almost too pretty to eat! … keyword: almost.
We love hard boiled eggs in this house, so, James and I are both pretty excited to have such beautiful eggs to snack on. Plus, I sense a homemade egg salad with Primal Kitchen Foods mayo and plantain chips in my near future… mmmmmmmmm.

Remember that you can save your silk fabric squares to use a second time! They may not be as bright & vibrant, but, they’ll still work and look like a stunning work of egg-art! :)

Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs @


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Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs
  • eggs
  • white vinegar
  • 100% silk ties or scarves (I used old silk ties - check tags to confirm they're silk!), cut into 7x7 inch squares
  • white fabric (I used an old white tablecloth and cotton t-shirts/tank-tops), cut into 7x7 inch squares
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • string/kitchen twine OR twist-ties
  • large non-reactive pot (stainless steel, glass, ceramic, enamel-coated cast iron, etc.)
  1. Cut white fabric into 7x7-ish inch squares. [does NOT have to perfect]
  2. If using old silk ties, disassemble the ties until just the outer layer of silk remains, then, roughly cut into 7x7-ish inch squares. [does NOT have to perfect]
  3. Lay egg onto the brightest/outer side of the silk square and tightly wrap until fabric is smooth & you have no creases/wrinkles on at least one side.
  4. Now tightly wrap a white fabric square around the taut silk-covered egg and secure with twine or twist-tie.
  5. Repeat until all eggs are tautly wrapped in silk + white fabric and tightly secured at the back/bottom.
  6. Place double-wrapped eggs in a non-reactive pot and cover with cool water and 3-6 tbsp white vinegar. (3 tbsp for small pots, 4-6 tbsp for larger [2-4 quart] pots)
  7. Place pot over high heat and bring to a boil, covered. Once bubbling, uncover & cook for 15 mins.
  8. After cooking, drain and let eggs cool for another 15 mins before unwrapping from fabric.
  9. **Frugal Franny Tip: Silk fabric squares can be used at least twice!


Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs @

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  • Je

    27.03.2016 at 07:40 Reply

    How do you know none of of the dye chemicals leach into the egg while cooking??? I think there may be a reason people typically use food grade dyes.

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  • Real Food with Dana

    06.04.2015 at 17:16 Reply

    Holy crap girl, these are literally too pretty to eat. I actually wouldn’t know what to do with them besides stare at them but then every day wake up in a terror remembering that they’re eggs and they might actually go bad soon and I won’t be able to keep them around forever.

    I think I just got scolded by every teacher I’ve ever had for writing that run-on sentence. But I’m just AMAZED by their sheer beauty!! Keep it up :)

  • Heather

    06.04.2015 at 17:16 Reply

    OMG. I, too, have died. Am dead.

    Is it possible to use this method to dye eggs that have already been hard-boiled?

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