Heal Your Eczema! 7 Resources to Control the Itch

If you’re an eczema sufferer, I feel your pain – literally. I’ve dealt with mild to moderate eczema since I was a tiny little baby. In the past year or so I’ve experienced bad eczema flare after bad eczema flare to the point that I can’t even count the times I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of my nails clawing at my neck and arms.

Naturally, eczema has had a huge negative impact on my mental state. I’m not even concerned about the superficiality of my visible eczema patches anymore. Most of my friends know that red, blotchy skin can be the norm for me, and I don’t associate with folks who would judge me for it. Still, it’s not uncommon for me these days to cancel plans because I can’t bear to leave the house feeling like my skin is on fire.

I am on a mission to rid myself of these horrible eczema outbreaks and have collected a massive amount of information in the process, that I want to share with you!

There are two schools of thought when discussing eczema treatment; those treatments that are designed to mitigate the effect of the symptoms of eczema, and those treatments that are designed to eradicate the symptoms altogether by identifying and treating the root cause of eczema outbreaks.

Pretty much every conventional treatment prescribed by doctors is aimed at treating the symptoms. According to doctors, there is no eczema cure, and the ONLY course of action is to mitigate the symptoms of eczema.

I believe differently, because I have friends and loved ones who HAVE most definitely sent their eczema into remission through combinations of the different methods I’m sharing below. Every case of eczema responds differently to treatment, and I believe the best approach is to find a combination of treatment through careful trial and error by journaling your experiences to keep track of what your body is telling you. Just remember that finding and treating the root cause of your eczema, and mitigating symptoms are both equally important!

Here are the top 7 resources in my ever growing arsenal of eczema battle plans!

The Eczema Cure by Emily Montes Bartlett

Emily Montes Bartlett of The Holistic Squid is a holistic health practitioner who has taken her experience working with patients to heal their eczema has created an e-book that no eczema sufferer should be without. Her e-book  includes a 4 step action plan aimed at healing eczema from the inside out by identifying the root cause of your eczema, identifying triggers, strengthening your immune system, and learning which foods and supplements can aid the healing process.

Minera Dead Sea Salt by San Fransico Salt Co.

This is a product I use personally. I discovered it a few weeks ago after reading somewhere that Dead Sea salt can be wonderfully healing for dry skin. My package of salt arrived on a day that my skin was maddeningly itchy and inflamed, and I immediately drew a bath to try it out. I have to admit that I was less than optimistic. My thoughts were – what good could some sea salt really do? I was beyond shocked when shortly after my bath, my skin went from a level 9 all the way down to a level 1 or 2 on my completely made up itchy scale. Needless to say, the SF Salt Co. Minera Dead Sea Salt has become a staple in my weekly routine! Expect a full review to follow in the coming weeks because I just can’t say enough about this awesome product!!

My GAPS Baby via Eat Your Beets

Trisha Hughes of Eat Your Beets was able to completely heal her infant son’s eczema through modifying his diet to a GAPS protocol. Her story is incredibly moving, and offers hope to parents dealing with eczema for the first time in their children.

Healthier Skin Infographic from The Real Food Guide

Vivian Cheng of The Real Food Guide has had life-long issues with eczema. She has compiled a really handy infographic outlining the core things you should be eating to obtain different nutrients that help nourish and repair troubled eczematic skin. This would be handy to print out and put in a prominent place in your home, to serve as a daily reminder to keep nourishing your body in ways that will promote healing.

Healing Eczema from Within by Mary Vance, NC

Mary Vance of Mary Vance, NC outlines the general steps you will need to take to heal your eczema naturally via diet and supplementation in a simple, easy to read and digest manner. There is so much info on the internet about eczema that it’s hard to know where to even begin with your own healing.

Chloe Breczinski’s detailed experience with Elimination Diets

Chloe Breczinski of How We Flourish has compiled an insanely detailed account of her own experience healing her eczema with an elimination diet. I wish I had found this when I began my elimination diet, as it’s hard to find quality eczema-specific elimination information via a regular old google search. I highly suggest checking out her page if you have any interest at all in doing any sort of elimination diet, even if you don’t have eczema!

Miracle Salve Recipe by Primally Inspired

Kelly Winters of Primally Inspired created a wonderful recipe for “Miracle Salve” that many of her family members and friends (including eczema sufferers) swear by.  Nicole and I are both ALL ABOUT making your own cosmetics at home. Eczema sufferers are more likely to be sensitive/allergic to the questionable ingredients used in most commercial lotions that usually have crazy long ingredients lists, so It’s nice to find something super moisturizing and only uses 5 natural ingredients!




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