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I spent this past weekend blissed out on holiday warm fuzzies – marathoning Gilmore Girls with my mom while decorating the tree/my parents house for the holidays. I totes intended for it to be really productive couple of days working on a few different DIY projects I have in the works, but I’ve been so freakishly busy for the past… I don’t even know how long, that a day (okay, two) hanging out on the couch spending quality time with fam and dogs and Netflix was beyond overdue. I had surgery right before Christmas last year and we all slacked on the whole h o l i d a y c h e e r thing because of it, so it was doubly important to make the time for it this go ’round, and I’m enormously happy I did because I’m riding (more like clinging to) those nostalgia blisswaves through the insanity and chaos of the workweek. In the past year, I’ve done a lot of growing and changing and one of the things I’m happiest to have figured out is to actually stop once in awhile and appreciate what’s going on around me. The world can wait.

All of that to say I’m a wee bit behind schedule on blog thangs. So, a minor update on what’s going on in my world:

~ I recently discovered that Christmas tree places will totally give away their trimmings (or sell them for much cheaper than a store bought wreath/garland would cost). #nomakeup/#iwokeuplikethis/#evergreenselfies

~ In search of: a suitable knit slipper pattern. Unfortunately, this ain’t it (though it is comfy!). I see many mismatched slippers in my future as my quest continues.

~ The Small Apartment Christmas Tree, inspired by Panda Head’s No Effort Holiday Decor. I’m basically swimming in handmade pom poms for a DIY post later this week, so it’s inevitable that a few made their way onto my Charlie Brown tree.

Stay tuned for a fun holiday DIY project later on this week!


  • Kendra

    09.12.2014 at 10:40 Reply

    All of this looks so festive! I want my own Charlie Brown tree now. I love the idea of getting trimmings. I already have a tree up but that might be a good idea for the dining table centerpiece.

    • Elizabeth

      10.12.2014 at 08:22 Reply

      You should totally get a Charlie Brown tree (or make one out of trimmings)! The kids would love it!

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