Exposure: Crafternoon with Jenny + Jeff

Everyone has that friend who has the best apartment EVER. Filled with knickknacks but magically never cluttered or over the top. Votive candles burning in unexpected corners. Coveted one of a kind vintage/thrifted pieces that make you swoon. Kitschy yet modern. Filled with houseplants. Lived in and homey, in the best possible way. Jeff and Jenny are those people for me. Enjoy some impromptu snaps from yesterday's afternoon of crafting, eating, and meeting new friends - hosted by Jenny + Jeff. Roasted cauliflower and stir fry received rave reviews from everyone in attendance. Chelsea having her first spirograph experience, ever! Wish I had captured the look...

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We Fell Into the Pit

I spent my afternoon yesterday getting all Leslie-Knope-pumped with Casey Johnson of Foxwood Co. about a park which… well, let's just say it has good bones. Over the next few months, I'll be assisting Casey and other volunteers with revitalizing this park by creating a children's playscape and sculpture garden of Casey's design to replace the rotted wood carvings, graffitied picnic tables and overgrown landscaping that currently dominate the space. We toured the site in its current state, visualizing where the sculptures created from Casey's sketches would be placed. I snapped a few photos with my phone and though the current park...

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Exposure: Duckpin

So, I actually kinda hate the act of bowling. I'm really horrible at it and I inevitably will get pissy after 3 straight games in last place. I actually have my own bowling ball, but I've only used it once or twice. Don't get me wrong though, I will gladly go to the bowling alley and happily sit there with some knitting, but I will not bowl. SO. When Ryan asked if I wanted to go duckpin bowling last Saturday, I figured I'd spend my time running around snapping photos instead of participating in the dreaded throwing of a small...

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