Peach-Blueberry Cobbler

Paleo Peach-Blueberry Cobbler

Herro, my peach. Dessert for you! “But, diabetes, I don’t want” you say. Eat it anyway! Who turns down dessert, you sick, twisted monster… Especially a peach-blueberry cobbler! “But, another meal I don’t want to make” you say. Hungry-Party-Of-One over here (that’s me, by the way) hardly considers 10 minutes of prep and 45 minutes of baking complicated, especially when the end reward is a baked fruit cobbler!

Actually, I should say *hungryallthetime-party-of-one. Or *notevenhungrybuteatinganyway-party-of-one. What can I say. The Birth of the Cobbler is one of those times of when hunger doesn’t come into play. (The thought of giving birth to a cobbler is kinda grossing me out… Not much truly grosses me out.) What I meant to say, was when that cobbler comes out of the oven, it looks and smells so glorious, not even the fullest of stomachs could turn down a bite… and, I definitely AM one of those never-too-full-for-dessert people. Ain’t no shame in my game. (Yeah, right. So ashamed.)

I grated my first whole nutmeg for this dish and the taste is incomparable to ground nutmeg. It’s crazy. I really had no idea how fragrant and delicious freshly grated nutmeg was. Thank you, Indo-Pak Supermarket! They’re an awesome little family owned grocery that’s next door to our favorite  Organic Persian/Afghani kabob shop. My spice collection has doubled thanks to them. I’m too scared to buy their halal goat meat, yet, but ONE DAY I will buy the damn goat meat. So, uhhh, now that we’re talking about goat meat… Just make the cobblah, sucka!!!

Filling Ingredients!

Filling Ingredients!


Topping Ingredients!

Topping Ingredients! Except don’t add the maple syrup in all at once… it was just a better photo. ;)



  • maria

    02.02.2016 at 00:37 Reply

    have you tried Maiwand Kabob at Arundel Mills?? Best Afghan in the area!

  • Patrick

    08.08.2014 at 10:52 Reply

    I am going to make this tonight!! Sounds very good.

    • Nicole

      08.08.2014 at 11:16 Reply

      Yaaaay! I was gonna say “hope you enjoy it”, but, I have a sneaking suspicion that you will. ;)

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