Paleo Pomegranate-Ginger Sticky Wings on

Happy New Year, sweet sunflowers! It’s time for our monthly guest post on! The holidays are over and my fridge is still packed with pomegranates. Something about the holidays just screams “buy copious amounts of pomegranate”… And, then, let them sit in the crisper drawer until the skins look a bit strange and you know time’s running out on the still-edible scale. (#storyofmylife)

The good news is pomegranates last QUITE a long time when chilled and not only are they a delicious raw treat, but, they’re soooo versatile in cooking! Tart, crunchy, sweet, & juicy little fuschia gems – YUM.

Now, what happens when you take those delicious pomegranate seeds, some fresh ginger, a bit o’ honey, & a splash of balsamic vinegar and boil it down to a sweet reduction-glaze?! You get the sauciest grown-up chicken wings that rival even the best honey-BBQ wings – aka paleo pomegranate-ginger sticky wing HEAVEN.

So, pomegranate-procrastinators, rejoice! Feel free to let those bad boys hang out in the fridge for a while – and, when you do crack ’em open, now you know what to make! 😉

P.S. Need some help crackin’ into them yummy poms?! Try our foolproof method! perfect pomegranate-slicing method! hint: if you’re cutting into or through the seeds/arils, you’re doin’ it wrong! 😉