Paleo Orange Beef + Broccoli

Guilt-free orange beef & broccoli! Yes! If you’ve never tried it, you’ll find replicating Chinese takeout dishes at home is ridiculously easy and surprisingly affordable… TAKEOUT FAKEOUT, IF YOU WILL.

I had a fridge full of oranges and a 3/4 pound slab of top round beef just begging to be sacrificed for the good of my belly. I love to buy cheaper cuts of meat and make them great. I’m a firm believer in not spending a lot of money if I don’t have to… (is that just being cheap?) Whatever! Top round is a nice, cheap cut that tastes and works best when sliced crazy-thin. (Just freeze beef for around 30 mins before slicing.)

We all have our own favorite Chinese takeout items. Maybe you have a specific order that you used to (or still do!) get every single time! Since my usual order was always broccoli in brown sauce, broccoli-slathered-in-sauce just NEEDED to happen. Maybe beef and broccoli… No, no… ORANGE beef and broccoli. I even thought of adding five spice into that, but, had to pull in the reigns and “whoa, nelly” myself. Chiiillllllll. LESS IS MORE, BB.

And so it began… and with 2 shakes, a zoobyzoobyzoo, and about 15 minutes later, I had a meal. Way less than the 45-60 minutes I’ve waited on a delivery person with the reward of a hot, fresh, and did I mention, EASY meal. HOT DIGGITY DOG!



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