Paleo No Bake Crust

No-Bake Crust

I’ve literally tried at least 20 versions of no-bake crust and have never been able to get the exact flavor and texture that I want. I immediately knew this crust was a winner when I did my no-bake-crust-pinch-test. This is when you open the food processor and pinch the mixture between your fingers to see if it sticks together. If it doesn’t stick together, you’re left with a crumbly crust that not even the saddest of souls would want.

As soon as I pinched that barely sticky mixture and tasted the sweet & slightly salty goodness, I knew I’d never have to attempt another no-bake crust again. I first tried this crust with my raw banana cream cheesecake and was shocked by how delicious the combo was. The little bits of caramel-y dates and salty, crunchy, bits of nuts topped with banana cream cheesecake filling was just out of this world. Oh, and, did I mention this crust falls under our 5-ingredient or less rule and is EASY AS PIE to make!? See what I did thar? hardy har har har. ;) Whether you’re seeking out a no-bake crust or you just want to try a new pie crust, I promise this recipe will suit your needs!


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