Paleo Friday Foodshare 2/6/15

Who said clean, paleo, healthy eating had to be boring?! ‘Cause it’s not! Last week I vowed to try to eat a bit “wholer” by following a VERY loosely-planned Whole30. I have been writing down meal plans for myself for the week and planning exactly what meals to eat, the night before. This have left me NOT-scrambling for whatever bits of food I can find in the mornings & afternoons – and has consequently made me happier! I plan on doing a blogpost with all my meal plans in it, so, stay tuned!

I obviously haven’t stopped eating all sweet treats, though, as you can see by today’s Friday Foodshare addition of a Pure7 Chocolate dark chocolate disk. The owners of Pure7 are SUPER SWEET and sent me some samples to try & give away to you guys. It’s the very first honey sweetened chocolate I’ve had and I LOVE it! It’s raw, organic, dairy-free, and has a similar texture to stone-ground chocolate. So yummy! The salted almond dark chocolate bar is my favorite so far, but, I still have a few more flavors to try. 😉

Pure7 has a 15% off ‘PURELOVE’ coupon code that you can use through Valentine’s Day, so, check them out while it’s on sale!

Behind the chocolate, I’ve also got some homemade herbal “coffee” blended with Pure Indian Foods cultured ghee/MCT oil blend, ‘Coffee++‘ – aka the best coffee/tea creamer replacement. These are NOT affiliate links, by the way. I honestly feel the need to tell you how awesome these products are. I never would have drank coffee without loads of creamer before trying this stuff.

The rest of my meal consisted of some BLTA Wraps: Homemade baconnaise aka bacon fat mayo, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and avocado slices on romaine lettuce leaves, sprinkled with a bit of pink Himalayan salt & cracked black pepper.

Aaaaand a giant Black Cherry-Banana green (er… purple) smoothie. There’s black cherry, banana, kale, spinach, cucumber, avocado, parsley, & lime juice in there. YAHM! (that’s Hangry for “yum”.)

I planned and prepped this entire meal the night before on a little piece of notepad paper, and, you can do the same right now! Planning + prepping = LIFE SAVERS when trying to change your habits for the better. I’ve been attempting to eat clean for almost 4 years, now, and I’m still always trying to find new tips & tricks to help me execute that attempt a little more consistently.

Now, go! Map out every detail of your next few meals. Decide exactly what you’re going to eat on what days and feel how exciting and empowering it is to just know you have a plan.

Paleo Friday Foodshare





I think of it EVERY. SINGLE. FRIDAY. Kill me.

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