Paleo Friday Foodshare 12/12/14

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back with a little Friday Foodshare post, where we share our favorite paleo (or at least mostly paleo) meals that we’ve cooked for ourselves and our families in the past week. We do this to give you a little peek at what we consider our staple meals and hopefully provide inspiration for your weekly meal planning.


These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind with Thanksgiving and Christmas all jam packed into a one-month time frame. Who the F honestly thought that was a good idea? I blame the Pilgrims & Jesus. (Sorry J.C.) Consequently, it’s been slightly – OH, WHO AM I KIDDING – it’s been CRAZY over here in the Merit & Fork test kitchen, so, this week I’ve been making only EASY dishes. Easy, peasy, sleazy – they don’t call me that for nothin’! ;)

I’ve got 5-minute Sweet & Smoky Salmon (no, seriously. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to prepare & cook), Roasted Rainbow Cauliflower (might as well be white-cheddar popcorn), and Maple-Sage Glazed Pork Loin.

My absolute FAV: Sweet & Smoky Salmon… (over a bed of romaine lettuce with Tessemae’s raspberry vinaigrette.)

Super simple (yet, crazy delicious) roasted rainbow cauliflower from the farmers market… free, might I add. 4 heads of beautifully bright cauliflower ALL FO’ FREE!

Maple Sage Glazed Pork Loin. This is, hands down, the best pork loin I’ve ever had. The End. Kendra from Our Paleo Life says her kids scarf this down, always asking for second & third helpings. Definitely can’t complain with a review like that! You can find this recipe as a guest post on – and don’t forget we guest post from Our Paleo Life on the first Wednesday of each month!

p.s. Only the upper echelon of paleo recipes are worthy of guest posts, so, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. ;)


I’m slightly obsessed with chicken wings, but had never attempted to make them at home until I started dating Ryan 3 years ago. After both of us went paleo, we wanted a healthier option to snack on while watching football on Sundays. Ryan is actually the wing mastermind around here, and has honed his technique to perfection!

We use wings that are on the small side (no genetically engineered franken-chickens please!), pat dry and season with salt and pepper, then bake them for 40-60 minutes (or until brown and cooked through) at 400 degrees, turning them every 20 minutes and rotating pans in the oven to account for hot spots.

Usually we make a traditional wing sauce, but this time around I was craving something savory and sweet. I threw together a sauce of coconut aminos, honey, lots of minced garlic, grated ginger, a bit of sesame oil and a hefty amount of wasabi, and let it sit while the wings cooked to allow the flavors to marry.


I texted Nicole this pic as I was making the sauce because I accidentally dumped half the can of wasabi into the sauce. That’ll teach me to shake the can over the mixing bowl instead of using a measuring spoon.

These wings were TO DIE FOR – crispy, savory and sweet, with a little bit of heat from the wasabi. It took every ounce of willpower in my body to take the time to snap a few shots before scarfing these bad boys down.

chicken-wings-2 chicken-wings

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