Paleo Apple, Bacon & Swiss Chard Frittata


A farm frittata for Frittata Friday! (It’s actually Monday, but, Frittata Friday just sounded more appropriate. That needs to be a thing, by the way. Like, internationally… and immediately.)




First of all, let me just say, this is NOT one of those pretentious frou-frou frittatas. (You know what I mean. Everyone has one of those friends… that one vegetarian-health-nut-frittata-bringer at the potluck. The one that walks in to a party full of buffalo wings and gluten-free cupcakes and says

“I brought a frittata, guys! – It’s got a squash, alfalfa sprout & sea-kelp salt-free filling with a crust made entirely from sunflower seeds, earthworms & dirt!”

Yeeeah. This is not that frittata.




I bought ALL of these ingredients from a local farm when we went apple/vegetable picking a few weeks back. Put ‘em all together and I ended up with a mind-blowingly delicious outcome – a sweet & savory frittata that I enjoyed for 5 days straight – cold, straight out of the fridge, never even reheated, because THAT’S how good it was. Of course, I tried a slice warm when I initially took it out of the oven, but, you can safely assume that a great-tasting cold frittata, tastes even greater when warm.





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