Necessary Objects Volume 1

Necessary Objects 1 – Basics

Having the right tools on standby when inspiration strikes is so much more conducive to a productive crafting sesh than having to either make-do with something that doesn’t quite work right (though MacGyver-ing does have its merits), or schlepping out to the craft store in the suburbs to pay a premium for supplies because you need them RIGHTNOW.

I‘ve built up my arsenal of supplies through years of those ill-fated trips to the craft store, and more recently (thankfully) taking advantage of the glory that is Amazon. Amazon is fantastic for sooo many reasons: customer reviews so you can choose the best iteration of xyz doohicky instead of just having to choose from the one brand of doohickies the brick and mortar store stocks, competitive pricing, fast delivery (not to mention the promise of future delivery via drone), and a somewhat reduced chance of impulse buying every scented candle in the discount bin.

I’m indecisive and fall somewhere on the ADD/ADHD spectrum so I can easily spend 3+ hours wandering around a craft store getting distracted by shiny sparkly things while simultaneously spending all of my money on said shiny sparkly things. Or miniature turkeys. Or tiny creepy babydolls with eyes that move. 

So...this happened once. Happy Thanksoween?

So…this happened once. Happy Thanksoween?

When I’m not playing Island of Doctor Moreau with a hot glue gun, these are the items I reach for most consistently:

1. Low tack masking tape

3M Safe-Release Painters’ Masking Tape, discontinued; similar

2. Map pins

brand unknown – originally purchased from Ayers Variety and Hardware Store, Arlington VA; similar

3. Black drawing pen

 Staedtler Pigment Liner Sketch Pens 6pc. set

4. Sharp fabric shears

Gingher 7″ Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

5. Soft eraser

Factis extra soft

6. Soft graphite pencil

Kimberly 2B

7. #2 Pencil

Berol Black Warrior 372 Medium Soft, discontinued; similar

8. Cotton wool

upcycled from stuffing inside ibuprofen bottle

9. X-ACTO knife

X-ACTO No. 2 Knife

10. Pocket sized drafting triangle with circle template

Custom cut from 1/8″ black acrylic to fit in the back pocket of my small Moleskine notebook; similar

11. Pocket sized sketch book

Moleskine pocket sized Cahier Journal, unlined

12. Super glue

Loctite Precision Liquid Super Glue

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