Meatza Crust

Meatza Crust

MEATZAMEATZA! (Remember that old school Little Caesar’s commercial?!) Whoever came up with this idea was a genius. I (and every other human trying to eat grain-free) am always trying to come up with new ways to eliminate as much grain as possible in my meals. Whether that means wrapping¬†everything in lettuce, replacing your pasta with veggie noodles, or scraping the toppings off¬†a sandwich bun… Paleo peeps are great at nixing the offending grains while still managing to keep it delicious.

This meatza crust recipe will save you from eating glutenous mystery pizza crusts and offer a clean platform to build an any-topping-you-want pizza. It’s insanely easy and insanely delicious! You can use ground Italian or hot sausage, ground beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or a mixture of them! You could even add chopped or ground cured meats (pepperoni, ham, bacon, etc.) INTO the crust or simply use them as a topping.

The trick to this “crust” is pressing it a good bit wider and thinner than you think it should be. The meatza crust will shrink quite a bit will cooking and you don’t want a miniature meatza pizza! Well… maybe you do. Hell, I don’t know yo’ life!!! (That would be extremely cute, though… mini meatzas!!!!!) All I know is you should give this bad boy a try. I’d love to hear all of your fun crust/topping combinations. Plus, you’d be surprised to see the difference in people’s pizza topping preferences… Some people get freakin’ WILD with their toppings![amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5]

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