Foodshare Friday 2/27/15

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDOS! It's been a cray-cray week around here and I'm so ready for the weekend (though, for a blogger, every day is a work day!). I've been leaning on quick and easy dinners as of late because by the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is spend 2+ hours in the kitchen. In our house though, quick and easy ≠ boring. Enter: salmon. Whether you cook it en papillote, pan seared, or broiled, you have a meal on the table in under 30 minutes every single time. Low effort, meet high impact! This whole...

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Paleo Friday Foodshare

Paleo Friday Foodshare 2/6/15

Who said clean, paleo, healthy eating had to be boring?! 'Cause it's not! Last week I vowed to try to eat a bit "wholer" by following a VERY loosely-planned Whole30. I have been writing down meal plans for myself for the week and planning exactly what meals to eat, the night before. This have left me NOT-scrambling for whatever bits of food I can find in the mornings & afternoons - and has consequently made me happier! I plan on doing a blogpost with all my meal plans in it, so, stay tuned! I obviously haven't stopped eating all sweet treats, though, as...

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Paleo Friday Foodshare 1-30-15 @

Paleo Friday Foodshare 1/30/15

It's been a while since our last Friday Foodshare, so, I figured we were long overdue for some quick, paleo meal inspiration. Next week on, (aka the first Wednesday of every month) we'll be guest posting our Paleo Veggie-Packed Mini Turkey Meatloaf recipe, so, stay tuned! It's one of my absolute FAVS, which is a far cry from my childhood-distaste for meatloaf that I had while growing up. If you've never made Turkey Meatloaf, you're especially in for a treat. Alongside my leftover mini meatloaf, (meatloaf makes one of THE best leftovers, by the way) I whipped up a quick little hodgepodge...

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Family Resolution Revolution Bundle

Thinking of eating healthier or "going paleo" this New Year? Who isn't! That is the number one made-and-failed resolution - going on some sort of diet. Why diet when you can implement a complete LIFESTYLE change? Everyone knows diets don't work, so, it's only logical that it's our lifestyle & everyday routine that need changing. Liz and I may be the Queens of Failed Resolutions, so, don't feel bad! We're right there with you! To ease the transition into your 2015 Healthy Lifestyle, we've got a GREAT e-bundle from Paleo Parents, full of all the necessary tools to kick your crappy eating back...

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Paleo Holiday Treats Roundup

  IT'S A-VERY-MILLER-CHRISTMAS TIME ALREADY! AGAIN! HOW?! Every year I get older, sadder, fatter, and madder because the holidays creep up on me out of nowhere. WAH. To cheer myself up I made Christmas treats galore. Cookies, cookies, cookies - oh, and some eggnog. 'Cause it just ain't Christmas without eggnog. Paleo Gingerbread Men Paleo Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs Paleo Snickerdoodles Paleo Gingersnaps Paleo Eggnog p.s. don't forget to enter our holiday Instagram giveaway with over $150 worth of paleo treats! Check us out on Instagram to enter - winner winner chicken dinners will be announced on Dec. 26th. Love you guys. We're officially on holiday hiatus, so, we hope you...

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