For the Makers September 2014 Box Review

For my birthday this year, I was lucky enough to be gifted a subscription to For the Makers, a monthly DIY subscription box. Each kit contains all of the raw materials necessary to make four different DIY projects!

The theme for this month’s box is “Heavy Metals”


The projects for this month include a crushed pyrite bangle and dangly earrings, a silver leaf temporary tattoo, and a tie-dyed pillowcase.


I was initially a little wary of the jewelry crafts for this month, as I don’t really wear a ton of accessories besides necklaces because my skin is super sensitive to a lot of metals. I couldn’t deny how cute the final results were though, and I think I’ll have to start adding these into my regular rotation*! Whatever these are made of also didn’t seem to react with my skin, so that’s always a win.


*Unfortunately, I lost one of the earrings within a few hours of putting them on for the first time. I noticed that the hooks kept gradually popping themselves out of my ears, and I had to keep adjusting them every few minutes. I’m not sure if this is a result of the way my ears are pierced or the shape of the earring hooks, but nevertheless I’m pretty bummed. If you’ve received this month’s box, I would consider using a couple of those little round plastic stopper thingies that come with most dangly earrings to keep them from wiggling loose! Nicole mentioned that you can use a pencil eraser to keep danglies from falling off too if you don’t have any of those little plastic thingies. Also unfortunately, For the Makers doesn’t sell the earring components in their supplies section of the website, so I’m SOL unless I find another one of the dangly pieces at a craft store or something. Which I can see myself never remembering to do, so the remaining earring is relegated to the island of misfit jewelry for now.

On the plus side, I still have a ton of crushed pyrite left over after both jewelry projects, so I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for other things I can add a bit of glimmer to :)

The tie-dye pillow case turned out pretty well. The dye was MUCH darker than I anticipated (and what was shown in the tutorial), so it would’ve been nice if the tutorial on the For the Makers site was more specific about how much water to dilute the dye packet with. Still, the pillowcase is cute. It doesn’t match the rest of my sheet set so I’ll probably use it for a travel pillow or have also been considering making it into two smaller pillowcases for throw pillows because the cotton of the case isn’t necessarily the softest (but it’s really not the worst either).


The silver leaf temporary tattoo project was kind of a disaster. I found it insanely difficult to tape patterns off on my hands/fingers (and I routinely paint my own nails pretty damn well so I figured this should’ve been relatively easy for me), the spirit gum went everywhere because the container it came in wouldn’t stay upright, and the final result was patchy and just kinda odd looking when all was said and done. I’ll hang on to what I have left of the silver leaf and probably just use it for something else down the road. The result wasn’t really worth taking photos of, but here’s what the project is supposed to look like from the For the Makers website:


MEH. Even when executed well, it’s just not really my thing. In boxes like this, I prefer crafts where I have something tangible at the end of the day.

All in all, this month’s box was still pretty solid. You really can’t please everyone so I always temper my expectations a bit and anticipate not liking one or two of the items in subscription boxes. What I love about For the Makers is that the supplies can easily be used for something else entirely, so if a project isn’t your thing, it’s not a total loss.




  • Kendra

    30.09.2014 at 11:30 Reply

    I am loving that pyrite jewelry! Such a bummer about the earring. Maybe it will turn up somewhere when you least expect it.

    • Elizabeth

      02.10.2014 at 10:58 Reply

      I’m keeping my hopes up! That totally always happens to me. I once found an earring I’d lost 3 WHOLE YEARS prior. Best day ever :)

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