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(literal) Wardrobe Hacking

So I, being the gullible sucker that I am, was recently lured by the siren-song of ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise promotion – pay $10, receive a mystery item. They saw me coming a mile away. I purchased not one, not two, but five mystery items. The statistical probability that I will make poor online shopping choices correlates highly to the number of glasses of wine I have with dinner.

Moving along. Seeing as how the items are final sale, I’m now left to live with my bad decisions. The first item on the chopping block is a pair of delightfully horrific plastic (ahem, vegan) leather boots.

pirate boots before

Boots so ugly my camera won’t focus on them

Oy. Okay. Lucky for me, these bad boys have a seam where the pirate flaps are sewn into the shaft (hehheh) of the boot.


Using my trusty fabric shears I began the lord’s work.


I was careful to cut the offending (offensive) material below the finished seam, so that the jagged edges wouldn’t show.


Et voila! Slightly less annoying boots in 10 minutes or less.


I realize the majority of you do not have The Pirates of Penzance lurking in your closets. Or maybe you do and we can be biffles. I’m hoping that at the very least, these types of posts will plant an inspirational seed in your brain to work things out with your own sartorial albatrosses. Your bank account, the earth, and that ruffle shirt you bought two years ago with the price tags still attached thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Ashley Jones

    21.07.2014 at 15:46 Reply

    This made my day at work! I love how you bought so many mystery items and you pissed you were when you got those boots. Awesome transformation, though!

    • Elizabeth

      21.07.2014 at 21:06 Reply

      Aww yay! So happy you enjoyed it :) I’m such a sucker for those mystery things, no matter how many times I’m burned with fake fur sweaters (no, seriously) and pirate boots. Check back tomorrow for another fun DIY tutorial! xo

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