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Hello friends! I just returned from a weekend of debauchery and I’m…puffy, exhausted, pink in the face and in dire need of vegetables.

A friend of ours and his wife are very lucky to have an amazing lake house in Connecticut, and are extremely generous to have invited us up for a long weekend of funneling Fireball through a pool noodle, boating, sun, and dangerous stunts. Relaxing weekend trips really aren’t complete without the potential to break a few bones, after all.

This is the second year in a row we’ve gone; I posted a few of last year’s pics in Friday’s post.

Our house was situated on top of a mountain (or at least a very large hill) overlooking Candlewood Lake in Western Connecticut.


The view off the deck is to die for, and I’m so happy I had a few moments over the weekend to just sit in silence and take in all of the nature and beauty and happy feelings around me.

meditation-postWe boated around to a few different spots on the lake on Saturday and Sunday, and the boys took turns tossing a football through the air at one another while jumping off the boat. They did this for HOURS.


I jumped off a baby cliff that we determined through some very scientific measuring (read: drunkenly counting body lengths in a photo on a laptop screen with a broken toothpick) is 20′ high.

meditation-post-3meditation-post-5Ryan went tubing, and I even drove the boat a little while our host (and captain) Matt took his turn riding on (falling off) the tube. meditation-post-4

Woz fulfilled his life’s dream of piloting a boat.

meditation-post-6My favorite moment of the entire weekend though had to have been when I discovered that I could balance on a pool noodle and float on my back with my ears submerged. The lake water drowned out the sound of yelling and footballs and bellyflops, and I stared at clouds floating past in the sky and listened to the sound of what I’d like to imagine was the sound of waves crashing on rocks through the echo of the water (but was probably just bellyflops).

The rest of the world just floated away in that moment and in my slightly buzzy brain I thought to myself that this is what meditating must feel like.

Just listening without thinking.

Meditation is something I’ve been wanting to practice regularly for a really long time. A highschool teacher of mine would lead us in a guided meditation from time to time and I remember feeling incredibly relaxed on those days.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a part-time insomniac. I’m literally wearing a headlamp as I write this in my notebook so I don’t wake Ryan up. Most of my sleep issues probably stem from bottled up anxiety, as I often lay in bed with tired eyes and body, but thoughts racing. I figure that if a large part of my insomnia is the inability to shut off my brain, then training myself to do just that should hopefully help me out in that department.

So, for the next 21 days, I’m going to try to carve out at least ten minutes of each day for meditation. I know next to nothing about it so I’ll be sharing what I learn, what works, and what doesn’t as I go along with a few updates a week.

Feel free to join me if you have some life of your own to work out…I’d love the company :)

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    still waiting for you to photoshop an explosion behind matt and I in that one pic.

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