Knitting Pattern: Easy Garter Stitch Hat

I’d like to consider myself a solidly intermediate knitter. I’ve never knit a sweater, or anything with lace weight yarn, but I feel confident that I could if I wanted to (…I don’t really want to). I know how to cable, I’m adept at using double pointed needles, and I can fix mistakes without having to frog an entire piece. Even still, I’m always drawn back to garter stitch and its cute little purl bumps. Garter stitch is E A S Y as pie, hella stretchy, and hides increases and decreases wonderfully. SIGN ME UP.

The inspiration for this pattern originally came from Jessica Parsons-Taylor of Is + Was. I found her Anthropologie inspired hat pattern on Ravelry a couple of months ago but was bummed to see that the link to her pattern was broken at the time, so I set out to make my own. I checked back a few days ago, and it looks like the link to the pattern is back up and fixed, so please go check out Jessica’s Anthropologie Inspired Pom-Pom Hat.

A note – I have a tiny peanut head. I initially designed this hat to fit my own head, so the smallest size is QUITE small. Garter stitch is really stretchy and forgiving, but this hat is meant to fit snugly anyway so if you have a normal sized head I’d definitely go with the medium size. My hat pattern is also considerably less slouchy than Jessica’s, so if slouch is more your thang (or if your head is on the larger side), I strongly encourage you to use her pattern.


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Size 11 straight needles

Approx. 90 yards of bulky weight yarn for the main color; I used Malabrigo Chunky in the Jacinto colorway

Approx. 15 yards of a worsted weight yarn in contrasting color for the pom pom and seaming; I used Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the now discontinued Apricot colorway

Tapestry/yarn needle

Fabric scissors (to trim the pom pom)

Pom pom maker (I own this set and love it) or cardboard to make your own maker


Skills Required:

CO over two needles

Slip stitches purlwise

k2tog (knit 2 together)

Knit through back loop

Mattress stitch


CO – cast on

k2tog – knit two stitches together

sl1p – slip 1 stitch purlwise

ktbl – knit through back loop



This hat is knit flat on straight needles, and seamed in a contrasting color to match the pom pom. For the small size, follow instructions for the first number. For the medium size, follow instructions for the number in parentheses.

CO 30(32) stitches over two size 11 needles. Casting on over two needles is 100% non-negotiable for this pattern because your cast on row needs to be super stretchy to be able to fit on noggins.

Row 1: sl1p, knit across row until one stitch remains, then knit the last stitch through the back loop.

Repeat row 1 until piece measures 5(6) inches, then begin decrease sequence


Row 1: sl1p, k 8(9), k2tog, k 8(9), k2tog, knit until 1 stitch remains, knit tbl (28(30) sts remain)

Row 2: sl1p, knit across row until one stitch remains, then ktbl.

Row 3: sl1p, k 7(8), k2tog, k 7(8), k2tog, knit until 1 stitch remains, ktbl (26(28) sts remain)

Row 4: Repeat row 2

Row 5: sl1p, k 6(7), k2tog, k 6(7), k2tog, knit until 1 stitch remains, ktbl (24(26) sts remain)

Row 6: Repeat row 2

Row 7: sl1p, k 5(6), k2tog, k 5(6), k2tog, knit until 1 stitch remains, ktbl (22(24) sts remain)

Row 8: Repeat row 2

Row 9: sl1p, k 4(5), k2tog, k 4(5), k2tog, [then SMALL SIZE ONLY work decrease one more time – k 4, k2tog] BOTH SIZES – knit until 1 stitch remains, ktbl (19(22) sts remain)

Row 10: Repeat row 2

Row 11: sl1p, k 3(4), k2tog, k 3(4), k2tog, k 3(4), k2tog, knit until 1 stitch remains, ktbl

Row 12: Repeat row 2

Row 13: SMALL SIZE – repeat row 2, MEDIUM SIZE – sl1p, k 3, k2tog, k 3, k2tog, k 3, k2tog, knit until 1 stitch remains, ktbl

Cut yarn leaving a 12″ tail for seaming. Thread yarn on tapestry needle and pull through remaining 16 sts to close top of hat. Weave in ends.

Next, make a pom pom in your contrasting yarn (size is up to you, but I used a 3″ pom pom maker), making sure pom pom tail is at least 16″ long to sew to top of hat. Note – it’s easier to attach the pom pom while the hat is un-seamed.

When attaching pom pom, be sure with each stitch that you run your tapestry needle back through the center of the pom to secure it as firmly as possible to the top of the hat. Nobody likes a floppy pom pom.

Cut a 48″ length of contrasting yarn and thread with your tapestry needle to seam the back of the hat together using a loose mattress stitch. Remember, you want these stitches to show, so don’t pull as tight as you normally would when doing this stitch.

Weave in any remaining ends, and enjoy your sassy new pom pom hat!