Quintessential Korean meal of soup, rice, kimchi & roasted seaweed.

Paleo Friday Foodshare 10/10/14

Yes, we’re really doing this every week! It’s a fun little way to share our yummy paleo (& sometimes not-so-paleo!) meals of the week without blowing up yo’ Instagram every day. Plus, who doesn’t love to get clean meal inspo from other paleo bb’s!

This week I’ve, again, got a not totally clean-paleo meal (green peas in my soup last week, OH NO!), but, if you enjoy eating fermented food products you may, like me, also eat miso! Or, in this Friday Foodshare’s case… miso soup! Yes, it technically is made from soybeans, but, fermented soybeans are a different story in my eyes, and here’s why. I don’t eat miso every day (especially considering the sodium content), but, store-bought miso paste is a staple that I enjoy keeping in the freezer for soups & sauces. (It stays soft, too!) My Korean mom & grandmother make the BEST homemade miso, though – unlike any store-bought miso you’ll find – so, I’ve always got a jar of homemade miso in the fridge that pretty much never goes bad.

I am Asian, so, I suppose I’m slightly biased towards the stuff… but, how can you not love miso! Or miso soup, at least! It’s the perfect brothy soup base! And we all know Brothy > Creamy soups ANY. & EVERY. DAY. ;) There’s a reason soup & cereal (aaand cheese, pickles, & black olives) were my favorite foods growing up. Who prefers pizza when you can have a nice, hot, brothy soup! (Did I mention I was an extremely strange child? Holla at me, childhood friends! God knows you can vouch for that!)

Quintessential Korean meal of soup, rice, kimchi & roasted seaweed.

Quintessential Korean meal of soup, rice, kimchi & roasted seaweed.

Clockwise, left to right: miso soup, basmati rice, spicy kimchi, mild "white" kimchi, roasted seaweed

Clockwise, left to right: fermented miso soup, white basmati rice (I prefer it over sticky Korean rice), spicy kimchi, mild “white” kimchi, roasted seaweed

Elizabeth here! This week on the recommendation from a friend, I tried out a cute new little place in my neighborhood called Pop’s SeaBar. I’m SO in love. The menu (and decor) is reminiscent of a little boardwalk bar, with an abundance of fresh unpretentious seafood and simple, nostalgic sides.

I waltzed in for a late lunch/early happy hour, and was greeted by a super friendly bartender who recommended a few items for me based on the fact that I have a couple of wisdom teeth coming in so I’m currently in teething mode.
I started off with a few oysters – $1 each at happy hour prices, and they were the best I’ve had in a long time. Shucked well, cold, and really fresh tasting. Nothing is worse than tossing back an oyster and crunching down on bits of shell. It’s one of my pet peeves, especially when it happens at swankier places, but there was nary a shell in the four that I ate!

For my entree, I ended up choosing a crabcake plus two sides (curly fries and potato salad – all the starches!). The crabcake was really good! Better than I expected. All lump meat and very little filler. I’m super picky about crabcakes so trust me that this one is a winner.
The potato salad tasted just like my mom’s, with bits of hardboiled egg, a hint of vinegar acidity to balance the creamy dressing and perfectly cooked potatoes. Curly fries are curly fries – really can’t go wrong there. The bartender brought me a little cup of mignonette to dip the fries in, saying it was his favorite way to eat the fries here.  It was reminiscent of malt vinegar on boardwalk fries, but classed up a few notches with the addition of diced shallots.
:: worth noting:: multiple outlets with USB plugs reside under the bar top and they open at noon, so they’re definitely friendly and welcoming to the work from home crowd.
:: in a word :: nom! I think I just found my new favorite mid-week lunch spot.
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