Paleo Friday Foodshare 10/3/14

Willkommen to our inaugural Friday Foodshare (aka tastycrapweatethisweek)! Elizabeth & I finally decided THE JIG IS UP! We’re frickin’ tired of making delicious paleo meals for ourselves during the week, all for absolutely no one to see! How depressing! It’s almost like putting a tip in the tip jar when the cashier isn’t watching – NEAR POINTLESS! (I’m only half kidding…) I mean, yes, we could totally post photos of them on Instagram, but, who really wants to see our most-times-measly (other-times-amazing) lunch plate every dang day?

We’ll spare you the agony of boring, everyday meal-photos and instead, bestow upon you our most FAVORITE meals of the week, every Friday from here on out. At the end of each week, we’ll both pluck one of our favorite meals from days prior and share it with you! This will hopefully give you some insight & inspiration on how simple it is to eat paleo with primal-pantry staples and wholesome ingredients. Plus, it’ll be kinda like an episode of MTV Cribs. Except we won’t be showing you our fridges (not today, at least)… just a sneak peek of what we eat during a fairly normal week.


5 minute soup! Simply drop all ingredients into boiling broth & serve.

In this week’s Friday Foodshare, I’ve got my FAVORITE springtime soup: a super simple recipe made with homemade chicken (or beef) bone broth, rice noodles (aka vermicelli/cellophane noodles), sweet green peas, and spinach. Feel free to use watercress or baby kale. Simply boil the broth, add all remaining ingredients, and adjust seasoning to taste! 5 minutes or less and you have a meal!

Oh, and, since I have squirrel/bird tendencies, I love to get a little teeeeny bit of everything. 3 Castelvetrano olives, 3 slices Olli salami, 3 pineapple chunks, 2 slices of raw cheddar, and a spoonful each of Wildbrine garlic-dill sauerkraut, white kimchi (not spicy), and standard kimchi. I’d say this was a feast fit for the paleo Gods.

Elizabeth here. My contribution for this week’s Friday Foodshare is a trifecta of things in mugs, because I am sick therefore everything I consume right now comes in handy mug form. I’ve had a lovely snot-filled few days while battling one of those dreaded warm weather colds. Is it too much to ask for the weather to be cold so I can wrap myself up in a damn blanket and have someone hold me like a baby while simultaneously spoonfeeding me soup? I thought not. On to the photos.

Cookie-Mug-1I was craving cookies earlier this week after having polished off a batch of Nicole’s perfect paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe. I only had ~3 tablespoons of chocolate chips left, and ~0 energy to put on non-sweatpant clothing to go to the store, so I opted for a paleo-ized version of those mug cake/cookie/brownie things you always see on pinterest but never actually get around to making. Don’t be fooled – everything in the photo above is proportionally teeny – my bff Diana got me a teeny flatware set for Christmas last year and it was officially the best present ever. SERVING SUGGESTION: pour almond milk in mug and enjoy milk and cookies as one harmonious unit.



I have consumed my weight in chicken broth this week so I’d be remiss not to include it in this list. I’ve finally learned that the trick to good bone broth is to BE PATIENT and just let your chicken bones sit in a crock pot on low for like 36+ hours. And add salt before drinking. I’ve had my crockpot on continuously since Sunday and I just have this awesome broth cycle going right now where I change out the bones every couple of days and add some water here and there and it’s SO GOOD that I’m afraid to break the streak.


Tea. Sleepytime. Tepid. Because my throat hurts and it’s time for a nap.

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