Family Resolution Revolution Bundle

Over 40 E-Books, Workshops, Meal Plans, Calendars, & Real-Food Resources to start the New Year right - ALL for only $39

Thinking of eating healthier or “going paleo” this New Year? Who isn’t! That is the number one made-and-failed resolution – going on some sort of diet.

Why diet when you can implement a complete LIFESTYLE change? Everyone knows diets don’t work, so, it’s only logical that it’s our lifestyle & everyday routine that need changing. Liz and I may be the Queens of Failed Resolutions, so, don’t feel bad! We’re right there with you!

To ease the transition into your 2015 Healthy Lifestyle, we’ve got a GREAT e-bundle from Paleo Parents, full of all the necessary tools to kick your crappy eating back into 2014 – right where it belongs!


40 Real Food and Healthy Lifestyle Resources PLUS Tons of Discounts worth $820 for Only $39

Are you looking to revolutionize the health of your family in 2015? We’ve gathered the very best resources and brought them together in one perfect package to help you do it! The absolute best healthy living bloggers have teamed up to share each of their bestselling, phenomenal eBooks, cookbooks, workshops, meal plans, calendars, discounts, magazines, printable worksheets, fitness tips & exercises, organization tips, skincare guides, shopping lists, natural healing practices and more so that every family can do just that! With some of the top experts and leaders in the real food and total wellness movement on board for this bundle, this will surely launch you and your loved ones into the healthiest year yet!


ALL for only $39!

Available only from December 26-Jan 4th. I’m pretty sure we’ll never see a deal like this again!

Our friends Heather & Brent of Virginia Hunter Gatherers have compiled the lists below with some of the Bundle’s contributors + discounts… a sneak-preview, if you will. 😉

” Here’s just a sampling of the great tools to health renewal you’ll get access to:

28 Days of Low FODMAP AIP by A Clean Plate
The Safe Starch Cookbook by The Domestic Man
3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents
The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-Book by The Paleo Mom
We Can ALL Scream for Ice Cream by Predominantly Paleo and The Real Food Guide

Skincare and Skin Healing from an Ancestral Perspective by Dr. Natcha Maithai
Chaos to Clutter-Free by Davonne Parks
Yoga for the Everyday Flow of Life by Rx’d Yoga
Real Meals by Healthful Pursuit
Winter Watercolor Calendar Printable Bundle by Colorful Eats

 Check out this list of all-star contributors!


In total, the Family Resolution Revolution bundle gives you access to more than 40 real food and healthy lifestyle resources as well as discounts worth $820. All of that for just $39! That’s an incredible deal.

What kind of discounts? Here’s a taste:

Brieftons Spiralizer – 20% off
Chosen Foods – 15% off
Exo – 10% off
Pure Indian Foods – $5 off any purchase over $25
Rx Bar – 10% off “


(thanks for all that info, Heather & Brent aka VAHunterGatherers!)

Just remember, The Family Resolution Revolution Bundle is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 10 DAYS.

That’s yesterday, December 26, 2014, through Sunday, January 4, 2015, which means we’re already a day late! Quoting VaHunterGatherers… “There’s nothing else like this amazing collection and some of the resources are exclusive to it.”

So, honestly, what are you waiting for?! Click here to get it now!

A huge THANK YOU to Stacy & Matt of Paleo Parents for bringing such a wonderful idea to fruition & giving baby bloggers like us the opportunity to become affiliates.

 Ready to buy? Click any image or click HERE!

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