Exposure: Crafternoon with Jenny + Jeff

Everyone has that friend who has the best apartment EVER. Filled with knickknacks but magically never cluttered or over the top. Votive candles burning in unexpected corners. Coveted one of a kind vintage/thrifted pieces that make you swoon. Kitschy yet modern. Filled with houseplants. Lived in and homey, in the best possible way. Jeff and Jenny are those people for me. Enjoy some impromptu snaps from yesterday’s afternoon of crafting, eating, and meeting new friends – hosted by Jenny + Jeff.


Roasted cauliflower and stir fry received rave reviews from everyone in attendance.


Chelsea having her first spirograph experience, ever! Wish I had captured the look on her face.



Jenny + Jeff’s apartment is rich with houseplants. This window filled top-bottom with aloe was my favorite.Crafternoon-5

Jeff gives us a crash-course in button-making.


Buttons galore! This tupperware bin filled with buttons made by our hosts was reminiscent of looking for seashells in surf. Give the bin a shake and you’ve got a whole new set of fun little snippets of visuals to look at.


Quirky little friends hide in unexpected places, like this little buddy I found on a bookshelf.


Friends help friends learn how to knit.


Like I said before, everywhere you look there are new surprises. Like halftone decals of babies on windows. Because why not?

Crafternoon-10This fireplace is everything. THE END.



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