Egg Free Mango Curd

Egg-Free Mango Curd

This mango curd actually came about as a complete accident. I was attempting to make mango jam and it just came out… curdy. This tends to happen to me on a regular basis. I come up with an idea, write what I THINK the recipe would be, test said recipe, and either hit the nail on the head or end up with something slightly… different? This jam (no pun intended) turned into an egg-free curd and for once, I’m okay with that.

It’s crazy easy to make and can be used for an assortment of sweets. You can make my mango vinaigrette, a fruit tart with mango curd as the creamy base, fill cupcakes or my easy almond flour crepes with it, make mango-glazed ham/pork/chicken/fish… You can use this mango curd in sweet OR savory dishes. Yum! Enjoy. :)



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