DIY Salt Crystal Napkin Rings

I've had pink Himalayan salt crystals hanging around my kitchen for a solid 3 years, never having been used because they're too pretty (in my opinion) to grind up and eat! The inspiration for this craft came from the October For the Makers box, which included (among other things) a package of white Sculpey, and a packet of ground pepper. The idea was to mix the pepper with the clay to create a speckled pattern that would ultimately be shaped into a ring holder. If you're interested in the original craft, you can find the tutorial here. I'm pretty satisfied with my current...

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DIY Ombre chalkboard

DIY Ombré Chalkboard

A few months ago I bought some clear chalkboard paint from the craft store and have been totally itching to use it in a project. I happened to have some scrap wood laying around this week and thought, since I'm CONSTANTLY making lists for myself and blowing through pads of paper like crazy, why not make a reusable chalkboard list thing of sorts? Way better for the environment, and MUCH prettier than a legal pad. You could totally also stick this to your fridge to use as a grocery list. Just snap a pic of it with your phone before...

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DIY Free People Camera Strap Featured

DIY Free People Camera Strap

The generic straps that come with cameras are annoying as all get-out. They're typically too short to wear cross-body without looking like Andre the Giant, the material is uncomfortable, and they make you look like a walking advertisement noob. Unburden yourself from the shackles of corporate sponsorship with this easy tutorial for the most comfortable camera strap I've ever worn! Like so many things in life, a camera strap is an item that falls firmly into the, "I could totally make that" camp. I've been scheming to make a camera strap for MONTHS now, after purchasing a 60's era (read: insanely heavy) Nikon F....

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(literal) Wardrobe Hacking

So I, being the gullible sucker that I am, was recently lured by the siren-song of ModCloth's Stylish Surprise promotion - pay $10, receive a mystery item. They saw me coming a mile away. I purchased not one, not two, but five mystery items. The statistical probability that I will make poor online shopping choices correlates highly to the number of glasses of wine I have with dinner. Moving along. Seeing as how the items are final sale, I'm now left to live with my bad decisions. The first item on the chopping block is a pair of delightfully horrific plastic (ahem,...

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