Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs @

Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is (somehow) already upon us! My 2nd favorite food-centric holiday, and NOT because of the copious amounts of shitty candy which would normally excite my Spidey Senses! Thanksgiving food is my #1 fav, of course, but, Easter is an almost equal favorite for our half-Korean, half-Czech family. My mom makes my Czechoslovakian grandmother's traditional Easter dishes and always cooks them to PERFECTION - just like my grammers! The entire day is teeming with sauerkraut and beet-horseradish and this sweet, yellow, egg-loaf that we simply call "YELLOW" (and consequently fight over when there's none left).  Just the memories alone of Yellow put a...

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DIY Eco Friendly Wool Dryer Balls

I officially gave up laundry detergent and dryer sheets 6 months ago in an effort to reduce the amount of chemicals and detergents I use in my life in hopes of treating my struggle with eczema. I now use soap nuts in place of detergent with much success, but as of yet had been unable to find a good substitute for dryer sheets, so folding laundry has become a giant annoying battle with static as the weather gets colder. As luck would have it, natural dryer sheet alternatives are bountiful and being a knitter, I just so happened to have all...

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An Introduction to Digital Watercolor

I've always wanted to learn how to paint digitally. Don't get me wrong, I love creating with tactile medium, but there's something totally freeing about being able to erase and redo that I can really get into. See, the fact that I'm self taught/learning as I go always results in a S L O W artistic process because I always get freaked out about irreparably damaging my piece as I try techniques out for the first time. A painting session will consist of like 3 hours of staring and pondering (read: me being crippled by fear), and then maybe 20...

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