Creative Calisthenics 3 – Write Something!

I don’t know about you, but I loooove getting mail. Not junk mail, the real stuff! A card, or package from a friend is enough to brighten my week. I read an article in this month’s issue of WIRED talking about how with all of our reliance on immediate forms of communication (text, IM, phonecall, FaceTime, Skype) we’ve become accustomed to firing back immediate (and sometimes emotionally charged) answers to those we’re talking to. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. Let’s take a step back today, and write some dang letters.

Write to someone you think may need it, someone who wouldn’t be expecting it, or maybe someone who you’d like to thank for something but never did. Ask questions that spark conversation, and end with a request that they write you a letter in response!

If you want to take it a step further, I’ve included a little tutorial below to make your own envelope.


Piece of paper



Double sided tape


1. Draw a square on your paper of choice. I reused a piece of scrap paper that I used previously to swatch watercolors on, and had also done some random little doodles. Write-Something-1

Getting the measurement for your square correct can be kinda tricky. Just make sure that the square will be big enough to hold your notecard, but not so big that there’s a ton of extra room. It’s better to start bigger and trim the square down later, than to not leave enough room and have to scrap the entire piece!

2. Begin to gently fold in the corners of your square to determine how you’d like the envelope to come together. Do this gently so that if you make a mistake, you don’t have deep creases in your paper to work around. Write-Something-2

In my case, since the paper had a design, this is where I determined which parts of the design I wanted to go on which parts of the envelope. I ended up deciding that the watercolor splotches would make up most of the front and the flap of the envelope, since that part would be most visible.

3. Once you’ve finalized your design, crease the folds and apply double stick tape to the portions of the envelope pouch that will overlap. Write-Something-3In a normal envelope, the side flaps would tuck UNDER the center flap, but, my little doodles ended up on the side flaps and I wanted them to be visible, so I switched that around a bit.

4. Affix your side flaps via the previously applied double stick tape. Write-Something-4

Write-Something-5Add random complementary doodles if you so desire.

5. Write your letter in your most loopy cursive with a soft pencil and call it a day. A creative day. Write-Something-6


xoxo, Elizabeth


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