Creamed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

So, I didn’t think there was any other way I could enjoy Brussels sprouts. ROASTED OR BUST, I typically say… That has finally changed. *cue hallelujah chorus* I mean, you really can’t hate anything that is creamed and includes bacon… It’s pretty much the best vegetable mask, ever. I would have actually eaten this as a child had someone prepared brussels sprouts for me this way. THANKS FOR NUTHIN’, MOM. Actually, my mother never prepared brussels sprouts at home, but, I was used to disgustingly mushy & bland sprouts at my aunts house. I won’t name you, Aunt ______, but, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. The brussels I was accustomed to as a child were a crime compared to these.

I figured I would just try to make the creamed spinach I’ve made before, but, with coconut milk… and it worked! Coconut haters: don’t go runnin’ away yet, ’cause, I SWEAR you cannot taste the coconut milk. You could serve this to a group of non-paleo grubbers and they would have no idea you didn’t use real cream! I brought it to my parents house and nobody questioned it. That’s the trick – just serve it to them and once they like it, THEN you tell them it’s paleodairyfree… in a really quick, mumbling fashion, so, no one hears you. ;)


I didn’t even mention that this yummy recipe is under 10 ingredients. I would even consider this a 5 ingredient recipe (cause I like to cheat and say certain items “don’t count” i.e. salt, pepper, herbs, oil), but, if you wanna get technical, it is about 8. I just love easy recipes and while this does take about 30 minutes total, it’s pretty much just 20 minutes of waiting for the brussels to get nice and tender. You really don’t even have to stir! Kick your feet up for 20 minutes! Set it and forget it! (anyone else love watching 2am infomercials? THE RONCO ROTISSERIE 5000! I know I’m not alone.)


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