Cranberry-Sage Turkey Meatballs


Why would I post a boring roast turkey recipe when I can post a fun & unique turkey recipe? Of course, everyone is going to be having turkey and of course, roast turkey is already paleo!

I figured, why waste my time on a recipe that’s so widely known. I’m sure everyone has their own turkey-cooking method and just assumed there’s no swaying that decision.

Instead, I decided to make a fun little holiday snack, h’ordeurve, or appetizer for your family & guests to enjoy.

It’s basically the classic holiday flavors in a bite-sized meatball. Turkey, cranberries and sage.

There’s not many flavor combinations I love more than this one and these meatballs hold the perfect balance between savory & sweet.

They’re quick, easy, and delicious. What more could you ask for?



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