Citrus Marinated Pork Loin

Soooo… Let’s start this post off with a truth bomb. The boneless pork loin I used to initially test this recipe smelled… weird, to put it mildly. Like… bad-weird. I marinated it anyway and decided to write this blogpost while I’m currently crossing my fingers, praying I don’t accidentally kill my entire family this evening. EHEHEHEHEHE SRY 4 T3H F00D POISONING & SUBSEQUENT DEATH GUYZ!! LUV YA!!!

Really, though, I had to Google “pork loin smells funny, can I still cook it?” I should probably freeze my bulk meats immediately from now on instead of letting them party in the fridge together for 4 days. Sigh. (#procrastinatorextraordinaire) After scouring several rotten-meat-rooted forums, I decided that if others haven’t died from smelly pork, we’ll probably be just fine. I still have high hopes for this citrus marinated pork loin.


Update: It had a perfectly sweet, citrusy caramelized glaze on the outside and a perfectly tender, just barely pink inside. Sooo (surprisingly) delicious! Stinky Pork, I’ll never doubt you again! I’ve made this at least twice since the Day of the Foul Pork with great results. Don’t let my absolutely disgusting blogpost talk you out of making it – I swear, it’s awesome!

(Just kidding, we’ll probably die of food poisoning next time.)


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