Baked Banana

Baked Banana for One

This may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I love any and all banana related foods, so, it’s no surprise that I nearly shat me britches whilst stumbling upon a Baked Banana for One online. What a great idea! You can literally top this yummy, warm banana with ANYTHING! Easy paleo caramel sauce, toasted nuts & coconut, coconut whipped cream, nut/seed butter, melted chocolate, chocolate chips, cacao nibs, homemade nutella, fresh or frozen fruit… OR use it as a base for a banana split! With chocolate, strawberry and “vanilla” vegan “ice creams“!!! Holy frijoles, all of that sounds so good. This baked banana for one is a great, healthy dessert or sweet treat for kids AND adults alike. Enjoy! :)



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