Nicole and Elizabeth are partners in crime on opposite ends of the twenty-something spectrum. As self-described “ballers on budgets” (and sugar addicts), the ladies attempt to lead creative, healthy, and active lives, with the understanding that reality often falls short of the lofty expectations set forth by much of the current blogosphere.

Perfection is impossible to achieve, and yet the internet is chock full of people who portray their lives as nothing less than it. Average folks are bombarded at every angle by people who carefully curate their online personae to exude perfection, and quite frankly, it’s getting old. Enter Merit + Fork.

The creative one

Elizabeth is on a journey to rediscover happiness and fulfillment in her life through exploring her artistic leanings and her primal urge to just make stuff. With no formal training in the arts, her projects are often a learning process that embody her ``leap first, ask questions later`` mentality. Having recently quit her job with nary another in sight (see: leap first ask questions later), she has the unique perspective of a relative novice attempting to break into the DC creative scene.

Resident Foodie

Nicole's passion is developing new and unique paleo/primal/raw/vegan recipes using ordinary and accessible ingredients. She's also constantly experimenting in an effort to create her own natural health and beauty products, for which Elizabeth (and her eczema) are extremely grateful. She recently discovered her passion for running after signing up as a heretofore non-runner for a 10 mile race a mere *6 weeks* prior to race day. As any friend of hers would tell you, Nicole is a wee bit dog-crazy, and would like to thank her main squeeze Zeus for having such an adorable little peanut butt.

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