3 Ingredient Almond Butter Cookies

3-Ingredient Almond Butter Cookies

These are a play on the classic 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies. You know… 1 cup sugar, 1 cup PB, & 1 egg – the kind you helped your mom or grandmom make. (The ones where your only job was pressing a fork into the top and somehow you still botched that job and totally destroyed them.) I made these with almond butter and James loved them… Somehow, he thought they tasted like brownies? I mean. That’s not the worst cookie review, but, it may be the most confusing considering there’s no chocolate in these…

Feel free to use peanut butter (PB definitely tastes the best), sunflower seed butter, your favorite nut/seed butter of choice, or even add chocolate chips or a tablespoon of raw cacao powder to jazz it up. They’re chewy on the inside and just slightly crisp on the outside, great for when I’m on a mission to get my cookie fix. Now that I’m thinking of adding chocolate to them, I really want to make them again!!! These cookies didn’t last long in our house and I imagine they won’t last too long in yours, either. :)


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