2014 Holiday Paleo Gift Giving Guide

Please note – some of the links below are affiliate links.

1. Paleonola 100% All-Natural Grain-Free Granola Variety Pack – $44 for 5-pk of 5 flavors – Apple Pie, Chocolate Fix, Maple Pancake, The Original, & Pumpkin Pie

“Paleonola is a delicious, energy packed grain-free granola made from real food. No oats, grains or other cheap fillers. We worked with nature to create the perfect snack and a label you can actually read. Loaded with nutrient dense nuts, seeds and dried fruit it is sure to provide you with everything you need to conquer the day. Now you can have every flavor in a cool variety pack. No need to waiver over the decision of which flavor to choose. Share it with friends, family or even random people walking down the street. You’re bound to make new friends that way! All five flavors are included in each variety pack – Apple Pie, Chocolate Fix, Maple Pancake, The Original and Pumpkin Pie.”

I’ve tried this grain-free, paleo granola myself and LOVE the maple pancake flavor (of course). Every other flavor is delicious, as well, and it’s the closest thing to real granola I’ve come across since going paleo. Delish!

2. Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Buy Three (3) 500ml Bottles, Get One (1) Free! – $58 for 4-pk (usually valued at $80+)

“Our olive oil is 100% extra virgin. The olive used in our extra virgin olive oil is the Koroneiki which is very high in polyphenols. The ideal conditions for the olive trees cultivation combined with the early harvest and the modern machinery used to press the olives are all instrumental in our quality and authenticity guarantee. Our olives are hand-picked & cold-pressed with only mechanical pressing methods, not chemically treated methods. We are proud to bring our family tradition to you and hope you enjoy our Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil as much as we do. Our oil compliments the Paleo diet, raw vegan, Mediterranean diet and everything else in between. We look forward to sharing part of Greece with you.”

This is THE ONLY olive oil I will use. Hands down. The best. I went to Italy this past Fall and can still say this is the best olive oil I’ve ever had. That’s gotta mean something, right?! Not just for the paleo-foodie in your life, either! Buy this 4-pack of incomparable tasting olive oil and share one with all of your family members. I promise they will thank you.

3. GoCoPod Single-Serving Coconut Oil Packs – $6 for 10-pk

“Our pods contain 1 tablespoon serving of Virgin (Unrefined) coconut oil. Our Coconut oil is imported from the Philippines. It is bought directly from the Philippine farmers and comes from non-GMO coconuts (Yes, some coconuts are GMO). Instead of lugging that huge bottle with you, all you need to do is bring a GoCoPod when you travel, go to the gym, or to work. GoCoPod is perfectly proportioned for:

– Oil Pulling for Oral Health
– Butter Coffee for Energy
– Moisturizing Skin (antioxidant)
– Conditioning Hair
– Improving Metabolism and Digestion”

The lovely ladies at GoCoPod sent me some of these and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. We go on vacation several times a year and I usually have to bring all my 4oz. glass jars of homemade body products + a jar of coconut oil. My suitcase ends up being SO heavy, so, these are truly a (super-convenient) lifesaver. GoCoPods end up being my moisturizer, hair product, face wash, makeup remover, and mouth wash (yes, coconut oil as mouthwash. Replace your Listerine & thank me later.) while on vacay.

4. Exo Cricket Protein Bars Variety Box – $36 for 12 bars in 4 flavors – (3) Cocoa Nut, (3) Apple Cinnamon, (3) Blueberry Vanilla, and (3) Peanut Butter & Jelly (just remember peanuts aren’t “paleo”)

“Exo makes nutrient-dense real food bars, designed by a three-Michelin-starred chef. We combine minimally-processed cricket flour protein with ultra-premium ingredients for a bar without compromise. No gluten, grain, soy, dairy or refined sugars. Perfect as a meal-replacement, healthful snack or pre/post-exercise. Sustainable fuel for the explorers among us.”

Adventurous eaters will love these surprisingly delicious, cricket-flour protein bars. Don’t let the buggy ingredients scare you off – they really do taste great. I was worried they’d have a weird taste/texture or strange grit or something to them, but, they taste just like a delicious whole-foods based bar. Chewy, sweet, and exactly like the flavor you’re eating. So yummy! Kids (and picky boyfriends!) love them, too!

5. Pure Indian Foods Coffee++ Ghee/MCT blend – $15 (buy 2 or more & get $1.50 off each – use code COFFEEPLUSPLUS)

“Coffee++ is a unique, delicious blend of Grass-fed Organic Cultured Ghee mixed with energizing Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil made from coconut and palm. It does not contain any coffee or caffeine. Batch-tested* casein-, lactose-, whey-, and gluten-free.”

I used to be that person who could only drink coffee with a shit ton of creamer + sugar, so, I legitimately FEAR the day I run out of this stuff – need to keep a stockpile of Coffee++! It is SO GOOD. I may be biased because I love Pure Indian Foods so much in the first place, but, I’ve never been able to consume coffee without lots of milk, cream, or artificial creamer. I seriously don’t know how I ever lived without this stuff.

6. Cappellos Gluten-Free Pasta – Taste of Each (Fettuccine, Gnocchi, Lasagna) – $46 for 4 packages of pasta

Fettuccine: Silky, buttery, and deliciously rich, our gluten free, grain free fettuccine is made primarily from almond flour and egg for a taste that’s unrivaled among traditional pasta.
Gnocchi: Our gourmet gluten free gnocchi is fresh, savory, and easy to prepare. Drawing on Argentinian tradition, this dish is made with light organic potato flakes, almond flour, and egg.
Lasagna: Cappello’s gluten free, grain free gourmet lasagna sheets are nothing short of fabulous. Made with almond flour and egg, our lasagna offers a deeply rich flavor experience—with no precooking required.
**All products are freezable and are shipped in a custom eco-cooler.”

So, I’ve admittedly never tried this ’cause I’m a broke ass bitch, but, I know many many many bloggers who HAVE tried it, who regularly BUY it, and who seriously LOVE it. I mean… it’s paleo pasta that doesn’t taste like paleo pasta. How could you NOT love it?

7. Sustainapak’s Grass-Fed Jerky-Fruit-Nut Paks; Grass-Fed Beef Sticks; and Grass-Fed Beef/Chicken Primal Bites  – $4.25-$6.49 per pack

“Sustainapak’s products are made with the highest quality Grass-Fed beef, Black Angus beef and boneless skinless chicken breast, nuts, berries and fruits on the market. All ingredients are preservative free, clean, wholesome and natural. All products are sugar free, with no added MSG & no added nitrites. Our Grass-Fed beef and chicken are all natural, free of hormones and antibiotics. All products are produced and packaged in a state of the art, USDA inspected facility. We are focused on producing products that are dedicated for a healthy lifestyle, active individuals and has been called ‘Pure Primal Goodness’.”

I can verify that all of the Sustainapak products are AWESOME. The Sticks & Bites both taste AMAZING and I love the fact that the Paks keep the fruit/nut & jerky separate. This is great for picky children… and picky boyfriends. (I’m starting to notice a trend, here… is my almost-30-yr-old-man really a giant infant?) These are really great to keep in your purse, in your car, in your desk drawer at work, as a post-workout snack, as a travel snack (so long airplane peanuts!), and just in the pantry for an any time snack. Yum, yum, yum. I’m dying to try ALL the flavors!

8. Bacon’s Heir Pork Clouds – All Three Flavors 6-pk (Malabar Black Pepper, Rosemary & Sea Salt, Habañero Pepper) – (6) 0.7oz./100-calorie bags for $12

“Pork Clouds are wonderfully fluffy crisps made from salt cured pork skin: so fluffy that we cannot reasonably call them pork rinds and had to change the name. They are the ideal accoutrement to a craft beer, a sandwich, or even as croutons in a salad – adding flavor and crunch without all the carbs. Our process generates waste olive oil – easy to throw away, but we’re smarter than that. After filtering, we turn our leftover oil into Castile soap instead – Pork Soap to be precise.”

Pork Clouds. Need I say more? The flavors they offer are uniquely delicious and the name truly says it all. Crispy, porky, fluffy clouds of swine-heaven.

9. Olli Salumeria Organic & Nitrate-Free Salame Mix & Match Pick-3 – $40

“Good salumi is directly affected by the quality of the pork, and we go to great lengths to obtain the best pigs available in the USA. At Olli Salumeria, we make artisanal slow-cured meats based on original 160-year-old family recipes that were handed down over 4 generations to our founder, Oliviero “Olli” Colmignoli. Our products are made with pork from pigs raised on family-owned sustainable farms.”

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST salami I’ve ever had. My favorite is the Calabrese, but, I have plans to try them all. I’ve even found these sold at my local BJ’s. SO GOOD.

10. D’artagnan For the Love of Bacon uncured Bacon Trio – $30

“Designed for the hardcore bacon fanatic, this trio will satisfy that particular craving for smoky, succulent strips of pork… and duck. This tempting sampler serves as an introduction to our bacon line, but also makes a perfect gift.”

Bacon Trio!? Uncured?! Pork AND DUCK!?! I wants. I wants it all. Now. I love bacon and I would love this gift, sooooo… do someone a favor and buy this for them. They’ll love you forever.

11. Ikea Milk Frother – $2.50

“Frothes milk in 15-20 seconds. Can be used for both cold and hot beverages.”

Great things really do come in small packages. This little frother is so cheap and so reliable! I use mine every single day and I’ve really been grateful for it considering I’m not sure how I’d enjoy my Pure Indian Foods bulletproof Coffee++ every day without this magical device.

12. Vitamix 5200 Blender Super Package from Costco – $475

“This versatile, high-performance appliance helps you prepare healthy meals quickly and easily without a single attachment! Super-powerful Vitamix motor matches the power on the Vitamix commercial blending equipment found in the finest restaurants worldwide. Variable speed control provides consistent power regardless of load. Speed ranges from 11 mph to 240 mph, wider than any standard blender. Its unique stainless steel hammermill and cutting “wet” and “dry” blades process whole foods like no other appliance and may deliver up to 3 times the nutrition. 64 oz “wet” container helps drive every particle of food into the blades for consistent results every time. This package also includes a second durable, precision-designed 32 oz “dry” container best suited to grinding nuts & seeds into fresh flour. Accelerator tool with specially-designed collar to prevent tool from hitting blades helps process thicker mixtures with ease.”

Some people may swear by their Blendtec, but, I found several reviews before buying my Vita-baby that said their BlendTec broke after a year. I’ve never had an issue with my Vitamix and I’m pretty sure I abuse the hell out of mine. It’s a great piece of machinery, FOR SURE! I really don’t know how I ever lived without one.

13. Nesco/American Harvest Dehydrator – $45-$220

“Makes delicious Beef Jerky even turkey jerky, and fish jerky. Make trail mix, homemade yogurt, apple snacks, banana chips, dried soup mixes, dried tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, mangoes, papaya and other dried fruits at a fraction of the cost. Make dog & pet treats, dried herbs and spices; also make potpourri and dried flowers for any occasion.”

I’ve used this unit over the last 3 years for all my dehydrating needs without any issues/complaints.

If you’re planning on dehydrating extremely large quantities of things, are willing to splurge, and have the storage space for a large unit, go big (or go home!) with an Excalibur dehydrator.

14. Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender w./ Whisk Attachment – $54

“Equipped with a powerful 200-watt motor, this immersion hand blender quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, and more. The unit’s unique blade provides extremely smooth and even blending, while its protective blade guard helps prevent splattering. The blender includes a powerful chopper for chopping or mincing a wide variety of foods, plus a whisk attachment that allows for optimal whipping results. Cuisinart makes it quick, clean and easy to blend, prep and whip a variety of ingredients. Our Smart Stick Hand Blender includes Whisk and Chopper attachments to extend this blender’s performance. Blends or whips in the bowl, pitcher or pot, to eliminate extra dishes, and with the Chopper attached, it turns into a handy mini food prep tool. The look is commercial, the performance is professional, and the ease of use is pure Cuisinart!”

I LOVE this little immersion blender. It’s powerful and amazing and all that shit, but, my favorite part is the electric whisk attachment. Who’da thunk an electric whisk would be my favorite product this year, but, I really have no idea how I ever made whipped cream without one of these things. If you make coconut whipped cream on the regz, you truly NEED one of these.

15. Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer – $35

“The Paderno World Cuisine vegetable slicer creates spiral cuts and vegetable or fruit noodles in seconds. The frame and blade plates are constructed of very high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic that is BPA-free, and the blades are made of stainless steel. It has four powerful suction feet that are fitted with tabs for easy release, and does not require an outlet connection or batteries. The slicer is an easy-to-use, handy tool that makes zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries or long, spiral apple strands. It comes with three blades: a shredder blade (small holes), a chipper blade (large holes) and a straight blade. A storage compartment beneath the frame stores two blades and the third blade comes already in place.”

If you or someone you know eats paleo and does NOT have one of these, I suggest you get one immediately. It changed paleo eating for my family & I as spaghetti & pasta, in general, was a weekly staple for us. Once you get one, go follow @Inspiralized on social media… She’s got some awesome ideas & recipes to put that sweet ass spiralizer to good use.

16. Silpat Silicone Baking Mat – $13

“Silpat baking sheets replace parchment paper, and are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F. The made-in-France 11.6 x 16.5-inch half-sheet size mat makes any baking sheet nonstick – no greasing necessary. Silpat is especially great for working with sticky materials such as gooey dough, taffy, & caramel. Use instead for any baking recipe that calls for parchment paper. Silpat saves time, money and creates less waste for our environment. Life of product varies–lasts 2,000 to 3,000 uses depending on use and care. Can be used at temperatures varying from -40 degrees C to 250 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 482 degrees F). Known around the world as the original non-stick baking liner, Silpat liners are made of fiberglass & food grade silicone. Kosher and can be used thousands of times. Nothing sticks to Silpat!”

Silpat mats are amazing. The End.

17. Range Smart iPhone/iPad thermometer – $70-$130

“This food-safe, heatproof to 450°F, hand-washable thermometer connects via a tough 4.5′ silicone cable to your device (iPhone or iPad). Download the free app, and the thermometer suddenly becomes your best sous chef. Use it to quickly spot-check temperatures on meat, or leave it in a pot to wait for a liquid or dish to come to the right heat. The cable is durable enough to go in the oven, and the online app lets you graph your results to learn the intricacies of projects like candy making or beer brewing.
One of the coolest features? Digital alerts on any iOS device. Just connect the thermometer to each device, and set remote alerts. As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect the thermometer to your iPad in the kitchen, then step out for a drink on the patio and get alerted on your iPhone when your roast is done! Choose from the Ember 3″ sharp tip (for meats), the Aqua 6″ round tip (for cheeses, candy making, and liquid), or the Coal 3″ with an even tougher fiberglass cable (for grilling).”

I want this… bad. I’ve always wanted one of these thermometers. They give you a super accurate temperature WHILE cooking and you don’t have to disturb the dish your making by opening the oven or lid. The fact that it goes straight to your smart phone is even cooler. Oh, technology, you so crazy.

18. Fresh Paper Produce Sheets – $26 for 4-pk

“Fresh produce tops our must-have list, but it’s a bummer when it doesn’t last. Who wants to buy an entire pint of berries if you know they’ll quickly go bad? FreshPaper™ is a simple piece of paper, infused with a mix of spices, that keeps fruits & vegetables fresh for 2-4 times longer, organically. This bundle contains 4 packs, enough to last you for a few months of fresher, better produce.

All you do is place a sheet anywhere fresh fruits and vegetables are stored: a fruit bowl, the crisper drawer, or elsewhere in the refrigerator. FreshPaper™ stays active for 3 weeks, as long as the distinctive, maple-like scent remains. If it sounds too good to be true, think again. We’ve tried them — and they really work. Here’s to more fresh fruit for everyone!”

Place paper in with veggies. Be lazy and let veggies sit in fridge for 2-4 times longer than you normally would have. aka my dream. Wilted veggies, eat my @$$.

19. Reusable Blue Striped Bees Wrap – $24 for set of 3 sizes

“Here’s how to keep bread (and vegetables, and cheese!) fresh without plastic — just use the warmth of your hands to mold the Bee’s Wrap around the bread or around the top of a large bowl or dish. As it cools down, the wrap stiffens and seals. Bonus: it’s reusable!”

Reusable beeswax wrap. So cool. Sayonara BPA-riddled one-time-use plastic wrap that leaches into my food!

20. Noble Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel-Matured Maple Syrup – $28

“The Noble brand of handcrafted wares has maple syrup down. This medium amber grade starts off as Québécois sugar, then crosses the border to Tuthilltown where it’s matured in charred American oak barrels with a bit of raw Tuthilltown bourbon. Bourbon and maple syrup: a beautiful marriage.”

Perfect for the ultimate hipster/bourbon drinker/foodie in your life. 😉 I mean, yeah, it’s $30 maple syrup, but, it’s probably god-damn-delicious and I’d basically crap my pants if someone gave this to me. I’d be found hiding in the corner chugging the entire jug and later forced to attend Bourbon Maple Syrup Addicts Anonymous. 🙁

21. DIY Grow-Your-Own Shiitake Mushroom log – $30

“No need for the grocery store. This at-home project will yield shiitake mushrooms for the next two years! Here’s how it works: the logs are hand-cut and inoculated with shiitake mushroom spores in visible drill holes that are covered in cheese wax. A metal plaque on the underside of each log states the date of inoculation. Just soak the log for 24 hours in cold water, mist it occasionally, and watch your crop emerge once the inoculation period is reached! It takes about 4-10 days to see your first harvest.”

For the wannabe homesteader/mushroom lover. I don’t even like mushrooms that much, but, I really want this.

22. Windowsill Micro-greens Garden for the Green Juice/Smoothie Lover – $48

“Organic red russian kale, mini-carrot, and tom thumb pea micro greens. Add deep levels of flavor with these three different veggies to any dish. The recycled steel grow box fits perfectly in your windowsill to enjoy at any time. Includes: recycled US steel grow box, bamboo lid (inverts for saucer), soil-less growing medium, 2 full crops of seed, planting, growing, and harvest directions.”

Leafy greens for the green smoothie lover right at your fingertips windowsill.

23. The Laundry Ladies soap nuts Gift Bag – $8

“Give the gift of green, chemical-free, 100% all-natural laundry detergent. Used in European, Asian, & African countries as a natural soap replacement, soap nuts are the perfect any occasion gift – hostess, house-warming, shower, or just because you want to be good to Mother Earth. 15 soap nuts in a lovely lilac-colored organza bag, with accompanying lavender dryer sachet. This set includes 15 soap nuts (enough to try both the liquid recipe AND soap nut bag wash), 3×4 muslin bag, and lavender dryer bag. Instruction included.”

I absolutely LOVE The Laundry Ladies. I wish I knew them personally so I could thank them for the amazing product they sell. Yes, you can buy soap nuts almost anywhere, now, but, they’re usually WAY overpriced and you don’t get awesome little lavender dryer sachets with those soap nuts, now, do you?! We’ve been using soap nuts as alternative laundry detergent, now, for several years. We’re slowly eliminating chemicals from our life one step at a time, and, purchasing these soap nuts was a drastic turning point + step up in that journey.

24. Branch Basics All-Purpose Natural Cleaner Small Starter Kit – $24

“Branch Basics concentrate is an extremely high quality soap that goes beyond non-toxic. It is “HUMAN SAFE” – meaning it is not harmful if inhaled, absorbed, or accidentally ingested and it does not sting eyes or irritate skin. It puts no stress on the body. This is our standard because we’ve experienced firsthand that even the smallest amount of one harmful ingredient can have a profound effect on our bodies. In addition to being a pure soap, Branch Basics is powerful & effective because of the plant-based enzymes in our formula that are not damaged in the process since we don’t use heat. Enzymes are “breaker downers” (lipases, carbohydrases, and proteases are enzymes that break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in your mouth to aid digestion). Our enzymes are high quality, plant-based and amplify the cleaning process by gobbling up and breaking down debris, contaminants, and grease/grime that gets in its way. This is why Branch Basics is such a great stain remover our enzymes and soap work together like (as Marilee says) “soap on steroids.” Also, this is why we use reverse osmosis (RO) purified water so the enzymes don’t go to work breaking down the contaminates in the water but rather are more active in the soap making it more effective.”

Super-concentrated natural cleaner extraordinaire – simply dilute with water & you’re ready to go. Stinky homemade vinegar cleansers, be gone! (My boyfriend is super thankful for that!)

25. Mandala Coloring Book Volumes 1-6 – $6 per book/volume

ART, PLAY, MEDITATION: Three severely under-appreciated aspects of life that clean-eating communities rarely touches upon and all key ingredients to a healthy, happy life. Who said coloring was just for kids? Break out your pencils, markers, paint, or crayons and bring your inner-child to the party. Plus, no one will chastise you for not staying inside the lines.

26. Ecobags String Bag organic cotton French-style grocery tote – 2 for $16

“Step out in style, around town or around the world, with a reusable bag that’s fashionable, functional durable and has international cred. This seemingly small bag, stretches and expands to accommodate almost anything you put in it, from fruits and veggies, to breads, flowers and wine and it’ll last years and years. Perfect for going to your grocer, farmer’s market or simply having it on hand as a just-in-case bag or, “Avoska”, as they say in Russian. Beyond local shopping, this Classic String Market Bag is perfectly suited for the beach and travel so that no matter where you are in the world, you have your handy reusable tote. Eco-Bags Products’ mission is to offer thoughtful, ethically & sustainably sourced, durable-reusable bags that allow people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in. We believe that less can be more. We are passionate about living greener, simpler and more abundant lives.”

…and we wholeheartedly agree. Happy Holidays, y’all. 🙂

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